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TRaining Manual

3D Visualizer

3D Visualizers can use 2D representations of the world, like maps or blueprints, to create 3D models in their minds and are sometimes called structural thinkers.

Abstract Thinker

Abstract Thinkers are pulled toward abstract roles such as counseling, teaching, law, literature or the political process.

Accomplished Numerical Computer

Accomplished Numerical Computers make calculations as needed.

Accomplished Vocabulary

Those with Accomplished vocabulary probably fish for words occasionally, but can usually figure out meaning from the context or conversation.

Advanced Numerical Computer

Advanced Numerical Computers keep a running tab of numbers in their heads at all times.

Balanced Focuser

Balanced people often find a middle ground between focusing on their current activities and a distant goal. They are likely to need regular, short-term achievements within a longer-term focus.

Blended Energizers

Blended Energizers balance the traits of introversion and extroversion.


Brainstormers always have ideas, regardless of how much they've thought about a topic or how much they care about it.

Collaborative Planner

Collaborative Planners tend to prefer coordinating established processes where they contribute specifics to a situation.

Concentrated Focuser

Concentrated Focuser individuals get excited about other people's ideas.

Conscious Memorizer

Conscious Memorizers are reasonably good at remembering names, places, or things, but they often need to use memory tricks.

Coordinated Mover

Coordinated Movers easily learn complex movements after simply watching others or from visual instructions.

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