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Every aptitude is an opportunity.

We’re here to help you expand your students’ vision of opportunity.  

The power of TalentX Discovery lies in our performance measures of aptitudes and the ability to connect natural talents with real-world careers. Our proven science cuts through social noise and biases to create more access and equity, because while there might be a skills gap, there isn’t a talent gap.

Students have the natural talent to excel in high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers. It’s our job to help them see, and pursue, those opportunities. 



Students are interested in what they know. Students know what they see. It’s hard, impossible even, to be interested in a career that you’ve never even heard of.  

Measure Aptitudes

When academic and career guidance decisions are based solely on students’ reported interests, important pieces of the puzzle are missed.

Our engaging brain games uncover what students naturally do well and how they solve problems – without feeling like just another test. Performance measures of aptitudes go beyond what students see around them and help expand their vision of opportunity and possibility. 

Account for Equity

TalentX Discovery uses performance measures of aptitudes to cut through social noise and biases. By empowering students with the knowledge of their unique capabilities, we help close the exposure gap, prepare more students for non-traditional fields. Your students have the talent; it’s our job to help them uncover and understand it. 

Back It Up with Science

TalentX Discovery is based on decades of aptitude science. Check out the validity reportproduced by psychometricians, which details the importance of using aptitudes combined with interests for career success, and our ability to accurately align users with their best-fit careers. 

“TalentX changed another child today. He saw his talents and decided he was college material for the first time in his life.”

– Counselor and Career Coach, Tupelo, MS

Ready to discover aptitude-based career guidance for your students?

Talk to us how the unique TalentX Platform is revolutionizing how individuals, education, and industries connect and succeed.

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