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Concentrated Focuser

Concentrated Focuser individuals get excited about other people's ideas.

Concentrated Focuser

>Description :
Concentrated Focuser individuals get excited about other people's ideas. They're very good at promoting others. They're also good at implementing ideas that are well thought out or already accepted. They prefer to use guidelines and resources to teach.

>Easier :
1.Moving groups from brainstorming ideas to planning action
2.Noticing others' reactions to ideas
3.Listening to ideas
4.Being good with meticulous and concise information
5.Seeking out and using resources

>Difficult :
1.Adding points to a discussion when others are competing loudly to contribute
2.Promoting or elaborating on a topic or idea without advanced preparation
3.Coming up with new ideas quickly in a meeting
4.Elaborating on something you haven't extensively studied or experienced

>Results Show :
1.You’re steady and focused when it’s time to put an idea or concept into action.
2. Your ability to concentrate and resist chasing all the shiny alternatives makes you a natural manager.
3.You’re ready to vote for the one good idea, even if it’s not your own.
4.You’re satisfied seeing ideas carried out in a careful way.
5.You’re not easily distracted.

>Aptitude Awareness :
You're more like a funnel than an open faucet when it comes to ideas. You have more ideas about the things you care about or are knowledgeable about than about other topics. You tend more often to be the person listening to others' ideas than sharing your own. You might not have an endless list of ideas when someone brings up a topic, but you contribute value with your knowledge and experience in the area. You're happy to learn by listening to others with more knowledge and experience. You can come up with ideas slowly, deliberately, and comfortably.

>Tips :
1.Choose situations where you have time to consider ideas and how they could be adapted to a situation.
2.Don't get stuck on a blank page. Let others inspire you. Talk it out with a friend or an expert. Read books, look at magazines, websites, and blogs.
3. Trust your own ideas. Just make sure you start in time to let them develop and blossom.
4.Take someone else's idea and promote, improve, or implement it.

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