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Specialists see work as an extension of themselves.


>Description :
Specialists see work as an extension of themselves. They are most comfortable and effective when they can make a contribution from an expert or unique point of view and tend to work best individually or independently. People who spend their lives dedicated to a cause or research are often Specialists.

>Easier :
1.Finding specific detailed information about what interests you.
2.Discovering new information about a topic .
3.Continually refining your skills.
4.Developing tools and materials needed to further a cause.

>Difficult :
1. Sharing your work while focused on mastering an area of interest.
2.Considering how others will receive your workor knowledge.
3.Evaluating what method for communicating your findings will be most compelling.

>Results Show :
1.You’re happiest when digging deep to master a body of knowledge that ignites your passion.
2.You strive to be an expert in your field.
3.You prefer working independently.
4.You want your work to bear your unique handprint.
5.You are a born researcher, consultant, or advocate for a cause.

>Aptitude Awareness :
As a Specialist you prefer to be like the video camera in close-up mode. You need something to grab your attention so you can channel all of your energy into it. You can focus concerted effort without input from others; in fact, you might find input from others distracting. You're very driven and focused when working on something you care about deeply. This makes you a great researcher, teacher, athlete, spokesperson, or advocate.

>Tips :
1.You need opportunities to develop a deep expertise in a field that inspires you. If not at work, then you must find an independent interest to nurture as a hobby.
2.Accept that you might be more comfortable working independently. Within a group project, try to find a specific role you can own.
3.Try sharing your expertise and experience in blog posts, discussion forums, and letters to the editor.
4.Your passion and expertise make you a powerful advocate for a cause. Your informed authority can make a big impact.

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