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Space Planner

Space Planners are comfortable reading maps, blueprints, or diagrams.

Space Planner

>Description :
Space Planners are comfortable reading maps, blueprints, or diagrams. They can usually visualize how objects would most effectively be organized in a given space. They retain new information presented visually via pictures, tables or graphs.

>Easier :
1.Coordinating a large planned event, such as a wedding or conference
2.Decorating a school carnival or setting up for a play
3.Explaining spatial concepts in non-spatial terms
4.Installing a set of cabinets or appliances
5.Reviewing artistic shows

>Difficult :
1.Visualizing the placement of furniture in a room where you are not located
2.Taking something apart for the first time and easily rebuilding it
3.Judging if a given object will fit into a particular space without first measuring

>Results Show :
1.You’re comfortable visualizing in 3D.
2.You can envision the completed house just by reading the blueprints.
3.You can usually visualize how objects best fit in a room or a car trunk.
4.You’re equally comfortable with topics that aren’t visually based, like philosophy.
5.You’re able to explain concepts without needing to use visual diagrams.

>Aptitude Awareness :
When packing your vehicle, you may need to rotate items even after they're loaded. You might spend extra time moving items about in the space and repacking them. While you can mentally visualize information, mentally manipulating or rotating it may prove tiresome for you. You have the unique ability to explain plans to others; consider how you can use this ability to increase the effectiveness of a team. For example, you may excel at interpreting information between the programming (technical) and marketing (business) staff of a software firm. You probably like rearranging space if given time but wouldn't necessarily want to design it or build it.

>Tips :
1.You might enjoy the planning it takes to make space work best. Pair your own ability with organizing tools and systems.
2.You are able to read visual diagrams and plans, but your talent lies in explaining them to others who interpret their meaning.
3.Give yourself time when a 3D model is especially complex.
4.Set up that garage workshop. Outfit that corner craft table. Choose an outlet: you have the gift, now have the fun.

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