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Masterful Vocabulary

Those with Masterful vocabulary seem to use fancy words a lot.

Masterful Vocabulary

>Description :
Those with Masterful vocabulary seem to use fancy words a lot. Sometimes it may seem as though they are showing off, but they might just love words the way others love music. And they seem to enjoy knowing about a variety of different things. Sometimes it's hard to tell what they're talking about. They likely enjoy reading and discussing things they are interested in.

>Easier :
1.Progressing to success in your chosen field
2.Expressing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings precisely
3.Helping others express their specific thoughts, ideas, or feelings with the "right" words
4.Reading or listening to materials on a variety of topics and levels

>Difficult :
1.Noticing when others need extensive explanation or context in your communication
2.Using the simplest language at the cost of conveying precise meaning
3.Waiting while others search for the "right" word in conversation or discussion

>Results Show :
1.Your vocabulary is rich and highly developed.
2.When you need just the right word, to say exactly what you mean, you have many, many precise choices at your fingertips.
3.Your vocabulary is an advantage whenever you want to communicate.
4.Be sure to fit your words to your listener’s level of understanding to avoid miscommunications.
5.You can inspire others to build their own vocabularies.

>Aptitude Awareness :
You have a large vocabulary toolbox. You were probably able to communicate and read above your grade level at a young age. You are likely to keep learning because you are in the habit of paying attention to the meanings in words. There are always new interests to explore and new people with whom you can converse. You are able to communicate to wide audiences, but it may be a challenge for you to communicate with people who don't share your large vocabulary.

>Tips :
1.Don't let your broad vocabulary stymie your ability to communicate. Practice boiling thoughts down to their crisp, clear essence.
2.You want to be understood. Be sensitive to who's in your audience. Sometimes the best word is the simplest.
3.You're great with words. Share that. Find appreciative audiences and outlets by writing and blogging.
4. Identify work or communities where your love of words is shared and valued.

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