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Human Camera

Human Cameras love visual patterns in fabrics, maps, and nature.

Human Camera

>Description :
Human Cameras love visual patterns in fabrics, maps, and nature. They are drawn to patterns and love to point out visual patterns in things that are not typically thought of as having patterns. They can look at maps and quickly understand them. They might be drawn to intricate patterns. Pattern Memory can be an asset in artistic creation.

>Easier :
1.Visualizing a map in your head after viewing it just once
2.Catching minute differences in logos or fonts
3.Recognizing subtle similarities in signs, fabric, or leaf patterns
4.Referring to graphical information from memory

>Difficult :
1.Paying attention to other discrepancies when patterns are inaccurate
2.Noticing basic simple patterns while more intricate ones are present
3.Verbally explaining how you identify, memorize, or learn a pattern

>Results Show :
1.You’re quick and accurate when reproducing abstract line drawings.
2.You find it easy to remember charts and images.
3.You’re quick to absorb visual information like diagrams in textbooks.
4.You might be the first to notice the design in your friend’s new shirt.
5.You see patterns where others don’t.

>Aptitude Awareness :
You can read a map once and recall it with ease. You are a natural navigator, able to draw upon visual information from deep in your memory. You register unusual patterns automatically. You're quickly aware of inconsistencies between patterns. When you encounter a pattern similar to one you've seen before, you naturally compare the one you're looking at with similar ones in your memory. This is so automatic for you that you may not be conscious of your ability.

>Tips :
1.Use illustrations to make your point.
2. Look for opportunities to create or improve charts, graphs, maps, or blueprints.
3.Sketch/draw patterns you notice around you.
4.Study the map when planning a trip. You'll be quick to feel at home.

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