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Future Focuser

Future Focused people are able to plan and work toward goals that may take years to come to fruition.

Future Focuser

>Description :
Future Focused people are able to plan and work toward goals that may take years to come to fruition. They are able to keep an eye on a long-range target. They will make efforts that might not be rewarded in the near future to reach goals in the distant future. They're good to have around when others get off track or lose motivation toward a long-term goal.

>Easier :
1.Staying on track with a distant goal regardless of what comes up
2.Keeping others focused on a goal
3.Keeping track of multiple goals in different stages of completion
4.Being comfortable when you are a long way from a goal

>Difficult :
1.Knowing when to abandon a goal in the face of changing circumstances
2.Celebrating your progress as you work toward a goal
3.Being without a new goal
4.Accepting completion of a goal when you know a project will soon end

>Results Show :
1.You have your eye on the future, and you’re happiest when you’ve set a target that inspires you, even years down the road.
2. You’re motivated to work hard now even for a result you won’t see till much later.
3. You don’t give up easily.
4. When you finally get close to reaching your goal, make sure you have a new one ready to take its place.

>Aptitude Awareness :
You may prefer to keep your mind on the finish line of the triathlon. You are able to stay focused on a distant target and can work toward goals that may take years to develop or come to fruition. You work best when your activities further your long-term goal; otherwise you feel you are being inefficient. You usually evaluate your plans for projects in advance to ensure that their purpose aligns with the distant goal you have set yourself. You might find yourself slowing down as you approach completion because you are uncomfortable without a long-range goal.

>Tips :
1.Keep new goals in the wings. You'll stay inspired if you maintain multiple missions in varying stages of completion, with new objectives ready as old ones are achieved.
2. Practice flexibility. Sometimes life hijacks even your best-laid plans.
3.Don't be afraid to re-evaluate your long-term goal now and then. Is it still worthy? Or is another, better cause calling you now?
4. Don't forget to celebrate short-term wins as steps toward your more distant goal. Reward yourself.

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