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Double Checker

Double Checkers need to be deliberate in scanning information.

Double Checker

>Description :
Double Checkers need to be deliberate in scanning information. They take a while to process paperwork, but are accurate if they have enough time. When scanning for someone in a crowd or searching for an item in lists or grocery aisles, they tend to rely more on memory, familiarity with the surroundings, or visual cues such as color, size, placement, or shape.

>Easier :
1.Using apps on smartphones and other devices to aid in clerical tasks like keeping appointments.
2.Being precise in filling out forms when you have enough time to read and understand what is required.
3.Absorbing material through audio books rather than paper or electronic ones.

>Difficult :
1.Completing paperwork rapidly.
2.Quickly absorbing information from print or computer screen.
3.Catching clerical errors with the first sweep .
4.Filling out large amounts of paperwork.

>Results Show :
1.You need time to handle paperwork accurately.
2.You can scan visual symbols and spot discrepancies and errors, but it’s work for you.
3.Call in the crack proofreaders when a big document’s got to be right.
4.You’re happy to call Spellcheck a friend.

>Aptitude Awareness :
Your visual radar moves slowly and deliberately. You probably find clerical work or video games tedious, draining, and boring. You can find fulfillment in the completed product or game, but are more likely to enjoy fields of work or study that are more hands-on, interactive, or auditory.

>Tips :
1.Double-check your written work, including tests and reports, and use tools like spellcheckers to make clerical tasks easier.
2. Don't rush through a set of written instructions. Read them aloud if you can.
3.Value accuracy even if it takes extra effort. Little errors can matter. Like the difference between "Let's eat Grandma" and "Let's eat, Grandma." That one comma saved a life.
4.It might be hard to take accurate notes throughout a long lecture or meeting. Try recording what's said so you can review it later.

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